Thursday, March 29, 2012

Brush Poppin', Curled Brim Wearin' Earp Head Gear

March 29, 2012

Working on the next installment of Graphic Cinema where-in we catch up with Wyatt Earp at the so-called Mescal Springs fight in March of 1882. I have a hunch he wore different head gear in the brush than he did in town (you see photographic evidence of this with George Parsons posing in the studio with completely different clothing that he wears out on the trail than what he wears to work in Tombstone).

And, yes, I'm aware it has the so-called rodeo curled brim, but I defy you to prove that he didn't wear this style hat.

"They say they didn't have time to think—to choose to decide, only to react. There's a biological switchlike mechanism that turns on in some people's brains, sending them into action automatically. They go from a bystander to hero in a split second."
—A Fort Huachuca scientest trying to explain Earp's reaction to events in the Tombstone story

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