Friday, March 30, 2012

Disenchantment Fall Back Position

March 30, 2012

Although he didn't admit it, I think my "Land of Disenchantment" idea gave Johnny D. Boggs heartburn. I emailed him this morning and told him if he'd give me the weekend I'd get him something less edgy and more history minded. Whipped this out before I came into work:

A straight-up vaquero: "Jumpin' On It" is a good place holder. I sent this to Johnny in hopes he can sleep better this weekend, as I take another run at it. Meanwhile, still noodling the layout for Wyatt On The Set. Played with the idea of adding a long shadow of Earp as the looming hulk he was to become.

Dan thinks I might be overproducing (Who, ME?), so the debate is on: does the shadowy, looming visage of the future Wyatt Earp say what we want it to say? That no one on that movie set in 1921, including Wyatt Earp himself, has a clue about how large he will someday come to dominate the image of The Gunfighter in the American West?

Well, does it?

"We must be doing something to be happy. Action is no less necessary to us than thought."—William Hazlitt

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