Thursday, March 15, 2012


March 15, 2012

I did an interview on NPR yesterday. You can hear it right here.

Meanwhile, found a half-finished painting in my morgue this morning, saw some potential and tweaked it to a finish.

I call this "Billy Stiles, I Presume" because I think I based this pose on an alleged photo of the outlaw Billy Stiles. I think the photo had some issues in terms of provinance, but anyway, here it is.

Meanwhile, I'm still working on the Wyatt Earp timeline project and plan to run the first two-pages in the next issue of True West. This morning I was playing with opening it at a certain venue in Tombstone:

I'm also playing with a clean look for Wyatt. This was sketched from a photo of Bruce Boxleitner as Wyatt Earp:

Bruce actually had a good look as Wyatt, although I think he had a fake mustache for the Marie Osmond TV movie. We are going to do a comparison of all the movie stars who have played Wyatt and a question as to who resembled him the most.

Edmundo Segundo came by the offices this morning with an art collector who has more than 30 Lon Megargees. Really an impressive art collection (we looked at them on his iPad). Ed Mell was taking Byran Lewis around to see the Megargee sites in Cave Creek. Lon did some of his most famous paintings while living here in the early days. In fact, Lon's house became Tonto Bar & Grill and I drew a map for Ed and Byran to see several other Megargee sites. Here we are standing in the front office before they hit the road:

Ed's giving a talk about landscape painting at the Tempe Art Center this evening.

"Latent abilities are like clay. It can be mud on shoes, brick in a building or a statue that will inspire all who see it. The clay is the same. The result is dependent on how it is used."
—James F. Lincoln

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  1. I like your picture of Billy Stiles. He is my great great grandfather. I am a direct male descendent of his son Bill Howard and I happened upon this picture on google. I think the best picture I've ever seen of him quite different than this and is a dead ringer for my own grandfather Manuel Howard.


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