Saturday, March 10, 2012

Last Day at Williamsburg Film Festival

March 10, 2012

Spent some time talking with the actress Terry Moore this morning. She has led a pretty amazing life. She was married to Howard Hughes, she starred in movies with leading men from Burt Lancaster to Tyrone Power to Clark Gable to John Travolta. She knew John Wayne (see quote, below) is in her eighties and feisty as ever. Still walks ten miles on the weekend. She was a jet pilot, she had her own talk show, she's written five or six books. When I asked her if there's anything she hasn't done, she said, "Rest."

John Saxon is giving a talk at 1:30, then I'm giving a presentation at three on The Real Billy the Kid vs. the Reel Billy the Kid. Banquet is tonight and then home tomorrow.

"Hell, I'm too stupid to lie and keep everything straight. It just gets you into a mess of trouble."
—John Wayne, as quoted by Terry Moore in her book, "So How Do You Stay So Young?"

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