Monday, March 26, 2012

Mexico Sketches

March 26, 2012

Back from a week in Rocky Point, Mexico. Great beach, great food and great downtime (no internet access for five days!). Spent the time drawing, drinking and napping (in that order).

Worked hard on the story and the characters, especially the main character. Here's a page of graphic cinema pastiche:

Did, perhaps, 50 drawings on a variety of angles on the frontier marshal. Want it to be clean and lean. Here's one I did yesterday:

Perhaps a bit too Kurt Russell-ish, which, in fact, was the art reference. This morning I took a crack at Morgan Earp, seeing if I could find a common connection to the family facial structure and especially the Earp nose. They definitely had a bulbous schnozz deal going.

Trying to throw this all together into a graphic cinema for the next issue. Getting tight. Need to distill all the writing and art into something that has a strong voice. Here are two quotes that really describe my current dilemma:

"No matter how pretty the picture is, if there is no story or meaning in it, there will be no interest."
—Hal Foster, author and illustrator of the classic cartoon strips Tarzan and Prince Valliant

"Uninterpreted truth is as useless as buried treasure."
—Lytton Strachey

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