Monday, March 12, 2012

Rubbing Pocahontas The Right Way and Wyatt Earp The Wrong Way

March 12, 2012

Back in Arizona after a whirlwind trip to Williamsburg, Virginia and the Williamsburg Film Festival. Had a great time and met some very nice people. All my life I have heard about Southern hospitality and now I know what everyone is talking about.

On Thursday, the first day of the show, one of my hosts, Larry Floyd, took me to Colonial Williamsburg and I finally got to see first hand that incredible living history site that everyone has talked about. Here is Larry on the square.

If you saw the TV movie series "John Adams" most of it was filmed here. From Williamsburg, Larry drove me out to Jamestown and I got to see the original fort and I also got to participate in a local tradition. According to Larry, locals believe that if you rub a certain part of the Pocahontas statue you will receive good luck. In spite of a couple standing nearby, I jumped up and rubbed her good. Here I am jumping down. Can you guess which part of the statue is supposed to be magical?

Got home last night about six. Worked this morning on my Extremely O.K. Wyatt Earp Time Travel project. Working up sketches of the controversial frontier lawman this morning:

"Police are looking for a suspect who calls himself 'Wyatt Earp.' He is wanted for a hate crime at a convenience store near Casa Grande, Arizona. According to eye-witnesses, several youths were called racial epithets and when they attempted to discuss the situation with the suspect they were hit over the head with the handle of a long-barreled gun. The suspect is believed to be armed and dangerous. He was last seen heading north towards Vegas in a brown Ford Crown Victoria."
—Shannon Bragadacio, Fox News

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