Friday, October 26, 2012

Billy On The Hunt for Green Chile

October 26, 2012

   Went home for lunch and finished a study I call "Texas Ranger Border Rider". This is a possible cover for an excerpt from Bob Alexander's next book, which I believe has the working title "The Lucifer Line: Border Riders of the Texas Rangers."

Whipped Out #21, "Texas Ranger Border Rider"

Got on a snow kick a couple years ago. This was for a Graphic Cinema on Billy the Kid visiting a married seniorita because of a certain food staple.

Whipped Out #22, "Billy On The Hunt for Green Chile"

And I've been doing a few campfire studies this past year:

Whipped Out #23, "Campfire Singers"

Ran out of time. Need to get home for a dinner party. More this weekend.

"Yippy Tie Die Yay."

—Old Hippie Campfire Song