Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Daily Whipouts Continue

October 23, 2012

   I'm looking forward to tomorrow nights' history dinner at Cartwrights next door. Going to be talking on "The Ugly Truth Behind The O.K. Corral Fight." Call for your reservations: (480) 488-8031

Cleaning in my studio and compiling all of the Daily Whipouts I have done in the past year. These are the little studies I usually do before I go into work, or when I come home for lunch. I was surprised at how many I have done.

Daily Whipouts #6 Kid In The Clouds

Daily Whipouts # 7, Not-So-Gentle Tamer

Daily Whipout # 8, Apache Prisoner

Daily Whipouts #9, Frank and Jesse James Slamming Through The Slews

Daily Whipouts #10, The Proud Peon

I actually whipped this one out this morning before I came into work. Going to be putting all of these up for sale soon, so stay tuned.

"Everything comes to him that hustles while he waits."

—Thomas Edison