Friday, October 19, 2012

When Biebers Attack and Yaqui Scout

October 19, 2012

   Got hit by the Biebers again last night. Heard a big pig chewing on something out in the back yard at about 9 p.m. Both Kathy and I went out in the dark and finally found the javalina chewing on our pool equipment! Tried to yell at him, but he was having too much fun. Finally turned on the water hose and sprayed him good. He ran off about fifteen feet and stood there waiting for us to give up and go back inside.

I'm not sure it was this same Bieber, but I would guess they are at least cousins.

Meanwhile, whipped out a little study this morning I call "Yaqui Scout."

Also worked on my Wyatt Earp time travel project. Watched the making of "12 Monkeys" last night. This is the Terry Gilliam film from 1996 that stars Brad Pitt and Bruce Willis. I'm always amazed at seeing scenes being rehearsed and how back-yard-play-improv it is. "Then you go like this and Bruce comes in here and pow! Pow! And then you fall over there." Anyway, this movie was inspired by "La Jettee" the French classic from 1963 that is not even a movie but basically a slide show. Amazing. Going to watch the movie tonight—"12 Monkeys" that is.

Get ready for a slew of testimonials on how many of my friends got hooked on Billy the Kid. Some very interesting connections and also some very odd connections that have very little to do with books or movies.

I often quote the perfect recipe for a good life: "Something to do, someone to love, something to hope for." But  the older I get I have begun to realize the Slaid Cleves song lyric "Everything you love will be taken away." And, more and more it looks like this is the final destination:

"Hope dies last."

—Old Vaquero Saying