Monday, October 22, 2012

Five Went-Home-and-Whipped-This-Out Paintings

October 22, 2012

   Very nice weekend. Went out to Buck Montgomery's Wild West Show in Glendale on Saturday. Picked up Kathy at her mother's and went to the movies. Saw Argo. My daughter did a number on me. Earlier in the day she had told Kathy that the movie was "Okay," and to be sure and call her about it. All through the movie I kept thinking, "What the hell is she smokin'? Just 'Okay?!'" When we got her on the phone after the movie, she laughed and said she loved the movie but didn't want to spoil it for us. I hate it when my kids are more mature than I am. Here I am ruining it for you if you haven't seen it yet (too much praise can spoil even the best film because it can't live up to the hype). This was the gift she gave me, that I'm not giving to you. So sorry. Ha.

Here's a study I did last year on the Apache Kid:

Sure he looks bummed. Someone told him how Breaking Bad turns out. Worked on several paintings over the weekend. Whipped this out before I went out to Glendale for Buck's show. I call this "The Eagle Has (Almost) Landed."

This is a unique saguaro I see on my daily walks up Old Stage Road. Meanwhile, Kathy made a suggestion that I take some of these daily studies and find a home for them (Clutter: hint, hint). So, in order of importance, here are three more right off the top of the pile:

This was a study for Kid Curry I did several weeks ago for a Classic Gunfight on the Kid. Next up, I went home for lunch today and whipped out this little study I call "Mickey turned in the roadway and rode back to face them head on."

And this is another study done at lunchtime I call "Summer Sweeper."

Stay tuned for a Christmas offer on these originals.

"The future is history."

—Seen on a wall in the film 12 Monkeys