Monday, April 22, 2013

Great News for Not-So-Gentle Tamer

April 22, 2013
   Just got the word from Bronzesmith two minutes ago:

Not-So-Gentle Tamer Has Been Funded And Is Going to Be Cast
We have fantastic news!!!!!!Thanks to a very generous donation from North Central University, we are able to begin casting the 10 ft tall AZ Centennial Monument “Not-So-Gentle Tamer”. Thank you to everyone who has shown their support of this historic piece that honors our great state and the women who helped tame the West. A special thanks to our artists, Bob Boze Bell and Debbie Gessner, and their incredible talents, to the Prescott Area Art Trust, The Prescott Valley Arts and Humanities Council and the Town of Prescott Valley where the monument will be located. We can’t forget Lora Lee Nye, who commissioned Bob Boze Bell in the first place and sold Ed Reilly the first raffle ticket, and Ed for having a vision that benefits our great state for generations to come.

The 10' tall Not-So-Gentle-Tamer with BBB and Deb Gessner, the

sculptor who brought it to life.

I believe Ed and his crew are shooting for a May 31st unveiling, so mark your calendars for the big event.

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