Thursday, April 04, 2013

Seeking The Spanish Beast

April 4, 2013
  Perhaps because it reminds me of Kingman I have been enjoying Spanish history. So many ethnic groups fighting over the land, for so many centuries, with so many names, like the Visigoths (not to be confused with the Goths), the Romans, the Pagans, the Basques, the Vandals, the Franks (I'm not making this up. Go look it up yourself!), it goes on and on and it is all bloody and ridiculous to the extreme.

For example, between the years  531 and 555 four successive kings were murdered. Among them was a sex-starved ruler who screwed so many of his aide's wives they pounced upon him at a dinner and all stabbed him to death with their steely knives.

Like I said, it reminds me of Kingman.

"But you just can't kill the Beast."
—The Eagles, Hotel California