Monday, April 29, 2013

The Joy of Being Carded

April 29, 2013

   Drove down into the Beast twice this weekend. On Saturday, Deena Bell Bortscheller had her baby shower at Lux on Central Avenue. The place is so hip there is no name on the front. You have to KNOW it's there. It was packed.

This is a pic of Lori Holly taking a photo of the Two Mamas, Kathy and Deena. The Deenster is expecting in June. It's a boy.

From Lux I went deeper into the Beast and had a late lunch at Gallo Blanco.

Had a street taco and posole and a Negro Modello. Pretty sweet little lunch ($14, plus $6 tip).

Drove in again on Sunday at noon to attend Channel Eight's Check Please Eating Extravaganza at Cityscape on Washington. Outdoors venue, place was packed. Great food and wine. Actually got carded (I quipped to the dude who carded me, "God bless you. I haven't been carded since Nixon was president.").

Saw Hayes Carll last Thursday night at MIM. Great venue. A mini-Grady Gammage room with wonderful acoustical designing and intimate setting. Too bad the sound was muddled. Couldn't hear the lyrics, even at four rows back. Kept looking around to see what the problem was. Still enjoyed the tunes but it did dampen the effect.

Got up this morning and worked on The 66 Kid. He's a little bit Brando, a pinch of James Dean with the swagger of Bruno Mars.

Also, put the guy in the following sequence:

"Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere; and sometimes, in the middle of nowhere, you find yourself."
—Old Carkid Saying