Thursday, April 04, 2013

Spanish History With Cow Dung Added

April 4, 2013
  Took a road trip to Granada yesterday to see Alhambra, the historic and impressive Moorish fortress that was the last stand of the Moors in 1492. In fact Chris Columbus came to the siege to get the approval from Isabella to go on a road trip to find an western passage to India.

  Been avidly studying Spanish history and I must say it's gigglingly brutal. Here's a taste from the early history of Espana: "where women battled dwarves and the populace cheered at seeing people torn apart by wild animals." And then, there's this: "When a king failed to convert his new bride, a Frankish princess, he ordered cow dung be poured over here on the way to the church." Also, priests fought in vain to stamp out country dances and bawdy songs and many new Christians considered Thursday to be 'Jupiter's Day' and refused to work."

"Spain was Christian perhaps before Christ."
—Seneca The Younger