Friday, April 19, 2013

How Do Subscribers Find Us?

April 19, 2013
  This morning two biker gents (they ride Harleys and visit Old West sites) came into the True West World Headquarters and wanted to meet me. After a pleasant discussion about all things Old West I asked them how they discovered True West magazine and here are their answers:

"I was staying at the Wortley Hotel in Lincoln, New Mexico and they had a True West in the room. I tore out the subscription card and have been a subscriber ever since."

—Barry Calley, 71, Dallas, Texas

"I am a single action shooter and at one of the shoots a guy had a booth with old True West magazines he was giving away (from the 1970s). Later I saw a new issue for sale at Wild West Mercantile and bought it."

—Milt Brown, Ely, Nevada

And here they are:

Barry and Milt in the war room.

"Look I'm sorry about your lamp but automatic karate is a serious disease."
—Nathan Buckley