Monday, September 23, 2013

Cowboy Ground Zero Minus Ten And Counting

September 23, 2013
   Went for a walk at six this morning and had to turn around and go get a sweatshirt! it was 63 degrees outside! It has been months and months since we've seen these kind of heavenly temps.

   Got back and bailed right into another Cowboy Ground Zero illustration:

Daily Whipout, "Cowboy Ground Zero Cover Study #6"

   I'm aiming at a scene where a pinpoint of light shoots up from a certain place on earth, with our GZ rider blazing away. Here is a rough of what I want:

Rough cover layout for Cowboy Ground Zero

   Went home for lunch and whipped out a background of this concept:

Daily Whipout, "Cowboy Ground Zero Background"

   Running out of time. Still have five inside illustrations to whip out and need to get moving. Going to be a great piece though. Just assigned another of our writers to do something on the Moors, because as the writer put it, "if it wasn't for the Moors, the Spanish would not have had horses or cattle." So we'll have another point of view as to exactly where Cowboy Ground Zero is.

   Finished my write-up on why Scottsdale should give up on "The West's Most Western Town" slogan. Wasn't hard to do. Ha. I'm facing off against Marshall Trimble, which is like playing against your own teammate, but hey, Shirts and Skins!

"If I could have dinner with one historical figure, I'd pick Gandhi, because I'd be like, 'Are you gonna eat that?' and he'd be like, 'No.'"