Friday, September 20, 2013

Working On Girth And Qualifying to Subscribe

September 20, 2013
  Thanks to Murray's comment this morning, I went home for lunch and worked on the girth and size of the horse on the Cowboy Ground Zero project:

Daily Whipout, "Cowboy Ground Zero Scale Sketches"

   I also returned to the original concept, emulating Remington, with a straight-on perspective, which is pretty dynamic, but such an obvious poach.

   Sometimes I get strange requests and have odd, but fascinating exchanges with readers. Like this:

Bob - my Korean wife (Gracie) owns Wild Bill's Saloon - that's why I try to give you such positive pub there. I have admired your work for years and I believe I have all of your publications - except those my first wife destroyed about 10 years ago or so when she set fire to my belongings, but that's a different story....
Sorry about the first wife. Hope she's in jail. Love your second wife. She has a very high IQ.
about an hour ago
Bob: going to hospital on Tuesday, surgery. Where can I buy True West mag on shelf? When I survive, I'm going to subscribe, 'til then, want to take some to St Joes with me. Thanks
ou can buy a True West at almost any Barnes & Noble. And we checked with a website "Find My Magazine" and they said a Fry's at 4724 Nr. 20th ST. carries True West. Get there quick though because they may only have a couple copies. Also, if they are out, please complain. If you do AND you survive the operation I will comp you a subscription. Good luck.

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