Saturday, September 07, 2013

Santa Fe Treasure

September 7, 2013
  Thanks to a Facebook post by Thom Ross I remembered that today is the anniversary of the ill-fated James Gang bank robbery in Northfield, Minnesota. it really is a fascinating study in civic response: a sleepy farmer town rises up against a well-armed, veteran and vicious outlaw gang and with mostly borrowed weapons, blasted them to hell.

  I'm still in Santa Fe. Went out on the town last night. Had dinner with the Johnny D. Boggs family at the Santa Fe Bite and afterwards Johnny and I had a drink at Don Gaspar's watering hole. Town is really jumping, it's Fiesta Days. Having lunch today with the legendary guy who hid $1 mil in treasure. Clues to come.

"I didn't say I buried it."
—Forrest Fenn