Thursday, September 12, 2013

So Wild Bill Rides An Indian Into A Bar. . .

September 12, 2013
   We had a going away moment of appreciation for our summer intern Samantha on Wednesday. Everyone applauded her and we gave her a little gift and a card. She's on her way back to school in Chicago and we will miss her.

   Read an excerpt from The Top Secret Writer's forthcoming book on the Apaches and it is excellent The boy went deep and he tells it well. Who here has heard the story of Larcena? Well, get ready. . .it reads like fiction but it's all documented and rarely told.

   So I'm working on a big painting from my study, "An In-din On An Indian In In-din Country" and I really need an actual Indian motorcycle for reference so I can get all those aligned cylinders and exposed alternator caps right.

   But where, oh where can I find one way out here in the hinterlands of Cave Creek?

   Yesterday morning I'm on my morning walk on Old Stage Road, when up ahead I see my neighbor Joe, who's also out for a walk, leaning in a hot rod talking to another neighbor, Matt, who never drives the same vehicle twice. I walk up and lean in as well. Of course Matt is the dude who owns this vehicle:

   We get to talking about cars, of course, and he mentions he has a bunch of bikes as well. So I say, "Hey, do you know anyone who has a classic old Indian?"

   "Yes," Matt says, "as a matter of fact, I've got two in my garage." Well, I could hit his garage with a rock from my studio. So I met him over there last night when I got home from work and he hauled them out so I could take some reference pics:

   And then I had Matt get on the older one and assume the pose so I could study the angles of everything:

Matt On An Indian

   I'm also working on a new series of sculptures of gunfighters, starting with this dude:

"Wait for me, Wild Bill!"
—That other fat guy from Kingman