Sunday, September 15, 2013

Still On The Hunt for Cowboy Ground Zero

September 15, 2013
  My father was a stubborn man. Just ask anyone who worked for him or was married to him or who was his only son. My wife seems to think I inherited a big, fat dose of stubbornness from him. When she sees it in action she calls it those "stubborn Norwegian genes that Allen P. gave you."

  I had big plans for this weekend. A movie in the theater ("Blue Jasmine"), a movie on Netfilx ("Death Race") and a dinner out, at Cartwright's or The Keg. Kathy prefers Pita Jungle, but it's kind of noisy and well, I'm kind of stubborn on stuff like that. You might think selfish is a better word and I would admit to some of that as well, although I ate at Pita last Friday, with Wonderful Russ and Mad Coyote Joe. So, there.

  Anyway, I wanted to get a handle on our next cover. I have been working on my approach for a week. Every morning I get up and bail into sketches. I have great reference:

Daily Sketches for "Cowboy Ground Zero"

   Yes, that's Remington at top, right and that is the strong, single design I am working towards. Worked until five yesterday and missed "Blue Jasmine" in the process. In fairness to me, Kathy said she'd rather stay home and hang out. So today it was do or die: started a couple big boards trying to nail the impressionistic background, but kept dancing around and not getting a final drawing on a board. Must have done a dozen different approaches but couldn't get it done. In all honesty sometimes it is a liability to have too much good reference.

   I took some photos of Ratcliff Ridge:

When you are stuck, everything in the house calls out your name, especially the refrigerator.

Had some green chile and a leftover salad from Pita, ate a peach, planned an afternoon attack. At three, I was tired, had nothing and wanted to quit, but I reached deep and told myself I had to do a drawing on a board no matter how bad it was. AND I had to finish it. This hurt, but I did it:

Daily Whipout, "Cowboy Ground Zero Study #2"

   Not anywhere close to what I need but at least I stayed with it. Took some solace from this quote Wonderful Russ sent me:

"It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer."
—Albert Einstein