Wednesday, September 11, 2013

How to Promote An Art Show

September 11, 2013
   I decided to postpone my next art show in Santa Fe after talking with Forrest Fenn at length about how to promote a successful show. Forrest was a successful art gallery owner for 17 years in Santa Fe and regaled me with story after story on clients and shows. After lunch at Harry's Roadhouse, we drove over to his house and he showed me his incredible collection of Southwest pottery and art.

I told Thom Ross, the owner of Due West Art Gallery, that we needed to back up and reschedule the show and listen to advice from the master. For example, when I asked about promotions, he forwarded me this video of how a museum in the Netherlands promoted a Rembrandt show:

How to Promote A Museum

   Now THAT'S creative. Which just goes to prove the bawdy bard's saying:

"Out of old fields comes all the new corn."