Thursday, October 17, 2013

Get Your Outlaw On

October 17, 2013
   We're working on a full page ad campaign for Cave Creek. Meeting a model in a few minutes. The theme is Get Your Outlaw On which staffer Darren Jensen came up with. Going to be a fun one. Shooting at town hall in the morning.

   Okay, here she is.

   This is Kerri Gurule, a barrel racer from Nevada who moved to Cave Creek.

   Just read this in the new Esquire: "On the morning I had to shoot John Wayne, he leaned in to me with a little Jim Beam on his breath—but sober—and said, 'Oh, they're going to hate you for this.' I said, 'Maybe, but in Berkely I'm a fucking hero.' He put his arms around me, turned to a set of ninety people, and said, 'That's why this prick is in my movie. Because he understands bad guys are funny. Otherwise, we wouldn't be talking about them 150 years later.'"
—Bruce Dern, on his turn in "The Cowboys" where his character killed John Wayne

  Still wrestling with Billy's bibbed shirt front. My friend Gary Zaboly did his due diligence on the shirt as well and shared it with us:

   I don't agree with all his notes but Gary did a fine job of illustrating it.

   Meanwhile, Mad Coyote Joe came by with homemade bread. Bought two loaves ($10).

"Hell is empty and all the devils are here."
—Old Vaquero Saying