Saturday, October 12, 2013

Soiled Dogs & Cowboy Trash Talkin'

October 12, 2013
  Sue Lambert and I had a great day at the 24th Annual Lincoln County Cowboy Symposium at Ruidoso Downs in Ruidoso, New Mexico. For one thing we get to expose people to our latest issues of True West, in this case, Soiled Doves. But the little Weiner-cowboy in the stroller kind of changes the meaning of all this, doesn't he?

Soiled Dog?

Met Kevin and Marsha Hogge, who gifted me his new book, "Jackson's Revenge." Cracked it this morning and I am enjoying it.

But, more than anything, I love talking to the cowboys and boy do they have 'em at this event. Sometimes it's just fun to watch two cowboys talk, like these two-good-old-boys standing in front of our table.

Now, I couldn't hear a word they were saying, but based solely on their body language I think I can approximate what was being said. "Now this ol' boy tol' me. . ." is what I hear in this first photo. My additional impressions follow. . .

"If the gators got your mama, how the hell did you end up here?"

"I'll roll up the Symposium program and stick in my pocket if I damn well please!"

"I'll take this Coors can and smash it upside your head if you don't stop talkin' 'bout my mama."

"Well, hell, I think I shat my pants."

I could be off, but not by much.

"You sure know a lot for being so damn dumb."
—Old Kingman Cowboy Saying