Monday, October 07, 2013

Muy Malo Hombres and One Chica

October 7, 2013
   Pulled out some scratchboards out of my morgue to utilize for new True West Moments. Here's a scratchboard of a striking Navajo male from an old photo (Edward Curtis, I believe). I think it's amazing how a guy sporting earrings and jewelry and long hair could still come off as masculine, but the dude carries it off.

Daily Whipout, "Navahomo?"

   One morning I whipped out a bunch of faces. One is of a famous Western artist. Can you spot him?

Daily Whipout, "Faces of The Old West"

The Hualapais have a legendary maiden.

Daily Whipout, "Indin Maiden"

   Some of the old vaqueros were muy malo:

Daily Whipout, "Muy Malo Vaquero"

   And some of the merchants out west were pretty mild:

Daily Whipout, "What If Jerry Foster Lived In The Old West?"