Friday, October 18, 2013

Shooting Good Lookin' Outlaws at City Hall

October 18, 2013
   Where do you get a room big enough to shoot an ad campaign for our hometown?

In the chambers of the town council at Cave Creek's City Hall, that's where. It helps that the offices are closed today. We cruised in at seven this morning (47 degrees out!) and got the makeup going (Julie Koeth):

   Our go to girl—Julie Koeth—who also did all our makeup on "Outrageous Arizona," the PBS documentary that's up for an Emmy this Saturday night. She applies eyeliner to our homegrown model Kerri Gurule.

   Next up a portable seamless backdrop, with a test for light by Thuyan and last minute makeup applicated by Julie:

The shooter is Ken Amorosano, who did a stellar job.

   I also brought from a home an Apache Kid gun rig that was gifted me by legendary gunleather guru, John Bianchi. We wrapped at nine and Kerrie and her best friend Bethany took a quick gander at the results:

   After that, we broke down and put city hall back together again. The ad campaign will premiere in the next issue of True West (January) and the theme is "Get Your Outlaw On."

   I'd like to say this is hard work, but it's just a ton of fun.

"A light heart lives long."
—Old Vaquero Saying