Friday, March 27, 2015

A Half-Assed Friend Saves The Day

March 27, 2015
   Got up this morning and tweaked a Mickey Free painting I was suposed to file for Curator Cal, but saw something I could improve:

Daily Whip Out: "Mickey Free Rides Through The Tundra On His Half-Assed Friend."

   I say "half-assed" because I got the following critique from the "Mule Lady":

   Now, about your boy Tu. This may hurt like falling onto a cactus, but I would be remiss if I didn’t point it out. Over the years you have referred to him as the “not-so-trusty mammoth jack”, but then a sentence later, “big mule”. And, in the early days a “mammoth jack 16 hands high”. I, for one, paid attention and do read what you write, because it is great fun. But, the Mammoth jack is a breed of donkey, as in the American Mammoth Jackstock. The AMJ is the only American breed of Ass and while Washington did not breed the first American mules – by a long shot – he actually was the Father of the American Jackass. The AMJ is the outstanding Papa of the mule. Male mules are actually called “john” or “horse” mules, and females, “molly” or “mare” mules. Male donkeys are called “jacks” and females “jennets or jennies”. Back in the mid-19th century the vernacular was really convoluted and mules were called jacks and jennets, horse mule, mare mule – and other words that a polite lady such as myself would not put down on paper – naw, that’s a lie. So, calling ol’ Tu a mammoth jack just ain’t possible. He is either an Ass or a 1/2 Ass. Then again, I did love the time you used the term, “semi-equine”. As a breeder of the now “threatened” American Mammoth Jackstock and their bastard hybrid children, the mule, I find them to be semi-canine!
—Mule Lady

Daily Whip Out: "The Mickster & His Half-Assed Friend Tu"

"A mule is a horse, but even more so."
—Al Sieber

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