Monday, March 09, 2015

Johnny Crawfored & Tri-corner Hats

March 9, 2015
   Kathy and I stayed over in Williamsburg to see the historic sites. Spent the day yesterday at the famous colonial capital. Our little group, which consisted of Johnny Crawford, Belinda Montgomery and her husband and us, were given the junior royalty treatment with a carriage ride through the town. I say junior because when we toured the stables, they showed us the big wagon that Queen Elizabeth and Steve Spielberg, Tom Hanks and Ken Burns rode in.

The Colonial Williamsburg Carriage for Junior Celebrities

   The living history guides are superb. I spent about fifteen minutes talking to Richard, outside the courthouse, about the history of tricorner hats, wigs and short pants.

Richard in the French inspired tricorner hat

   We had lunch at a tavern where we were waited on by slaves (or so they told us). Johnny Crawford caused a scene (something he is very good at) by wearing his table napkin as a prop.

Johnny Crawford mugs for the tavern "slaves"

"The very ink with which all histeory is written is merely fluid prejudice."
—Mark Twain