Thursday, March 12, 2015

Al Sieber, Mark Twain and Sneak Peek at True West Moments Book

March 12, 2015
   My production manager, Robert Ray, is putting the finishing touches on Volume I of the "True West Moments" book which goes to the printer today. Here's a sneak peek at the cover:

Volume I of True West Moments, the book

   Should be out next month. Meanwhile, here are a couple more sketches from Larry Floyd's 50-Whip-Out sketchbook:

Larry Floyd's Daily Whip Out #16: "Sam Clemens"

   And here's another Whip Out I did of a soldier that fought at Yorktown:

Larry Floyd's Daily Whip Out #19: "Lee's Legion"

   Curator Cal had a stack of artwork to be filed, but, as usual, I saw one board that needed a little tweak, so I spent fifteen minutes "saving" it. Not sure I did, but it is more committed.

Daily Whip Out: "Chief of Scouts Al Sieber On The Hunt"

"I find any book that talks about me, charming."
—Mark Twain