Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Hohokam Explained

March 18, 2015
   Just got back from a history talk to 51 admirals from the War College. I was on a panel with two In-dins from the Apache and Pima tribes. Talk was at the chapel on the Cave Creek Museum grounds and it was set up by Lt. Col. Michael Montgomery.

L-R: Apache Tribe historian Dale MIles, Pima Tribe historian Kelly Washington, token anglo BBB, and Lt. Col. Michael Montgomery

   It was a lively group and we each got fifteen minutes to tell our stories. After my usual complaints about Kingman, I went out of my way to blame everything else on the Spanish, and by extension the Spanish admiral (to big laughs, of course).

The right half of the War College crowd, with the Norwegian admiral (center with tall head) and the Spanish admiral, directly in front of him.

The left side of the War College audience.

Learning From Deceased People
   Kelly Washington told about how archeologists refer to the Hohokam as being a tribe of people, but that when the old time researchers asked the Pimas about who built the ancient pueblos they answered "deceased people," which sounded like "hohokam" to the anglos and so today the Hohokam are cited as being a tribe that vanished. And how! This is a tribe we will all belong to, eventually.

"I see dead people."
—Old Sixth Sense Joke


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