Monday, March 30, 2015

BBB at G2 And Close to D8 and H8

March 30, 2015
   Just got back from Santa Fe and points south. Spent most of yesterday out at the Bonanza Creek Movie Ranch south of Santa Fe. Castle Pictures is filming Gunslingers 2 and I am back to be a talking head. There are several numbered movies shooting in the area right now. Adam Sandler is doing "The Ridiculous Six" which appears to be a parody of Quentin Tarrantino's "The Hateful Eight" which also filmed up here. There is a Tina Fey movie with an Afghanistan setting filming on the site ("The Last Survivor" also used New Mexico as a stand-in for Afghan, although not very convincingly to my eye). The funny thing is that there are signs everywhere leading up to the ranch with cryptic, temporary placard road signs with arrows that say "G2", "D6", "H8" and "A7" for the Tina Fey project. Each one leads to a different location on the ranch for that day's shoot.

 BBB at Bonanza Creek Movie Ranch working on G2

   Someone on the set said that "Gunslingers 1" was the highest rated series ever on the Military-American Heroes Channel. From what I saw, it looks like season two is going to be even better.

   The Top Secret Writer followed me as a talking head, and then we drove down to Albququerque to see his new digs. Sat out on the back porch, watched the sun set and solved some life.

Hutton, BBB and Buckey (named for Buckey O'Neill) sitting and hanging out at the High Chaparal

   Flew home this morning and back in the saddle this afternoon.

"Workaholism is such a tough addiction to get over. I had to divorce my wife because she was an enabler."
—Dave Marshal

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