Saturday, February 10, 2024

66 Chicks And The Horndogs Who Loved Them!

 February 10, 2024

   Some pictures ring true, even though they probably were taken many miles away from my home stomping grounds.

66 Chicks!

   The Ford is a '59 (my father had one) and the gas station is a Phillips 66 (my dad had two) and I know those girls (even though they are probably from back east) but I especially know the horndog in the back wiping the rear windshield on what appears to be a '59 Chevy, and leering at the girls. I worked with that guy so many times. There must have been a labor union that said, "We need a horndog at a Hilltop gas station. Get one out there immediately!"

   And, speaking of horndogs:

Two Major Kingman Horndogs
And the Women Who Loved Them Briefly

Wild West Women Who Encountered

Assorted Horndogs

   And, what exactly is a "horndog"? Miriam Webster says: "a lustful or sexually aggressive man." While, one of the Kingman girls, above, described her horndog as, "I swear he would hump a coffee table leg."

"What was hard to suffer, is sweet to remember."


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