Sunday, February 25, 2024

The Razz Band's Last Grand Stand

 February 25, 2024

   The reviews are in and I am proud to say, we lived up to our eighties claim as "The state's most mediocre band."

The Razz Band's Last Shot
(with Uno sitting in)

   Yes, this last photo of the band was taken yesterday at the Cryin' Coyote Cafe in Cave Creek just before we kicked out the jams with "Louie Louie" (the clean version). Yes, that is the Tom Mix Cord, which Bob White drove down to the gig. He also sat in on drums so I could do "Gloria" out front with my patented "High School Gymnasium Frug-Meets-the-Jerk" moves.

The Razz Band in semi-action!

   Damn, I'm sore today!

   And, for the record, here's our first band photo, taken before a gig at Lake Havasu for a Sigma Pi fraternity reunion in April of 1978.

The Razz Band's First Gig

   Both photos were taken by Kathy Sue Radina. And Dan The Man Harsbherger got us the Havasu gig, so there is some serious Dee Jay Vu going on here.

   And, even more ironic, we closed both shows with a rockin' finale and this time the lyrics had new meaning and to be honest, they stung a little.

"Well, I told you once an' I told you twice

That someone will have to pay the price (in the morning)

But here's a chance to change your mind

'Cause I'll be gone a long, long time (true that)

Well, this could be the last time (it was)

Maybe the last time (most definitely)

I don't know (oh, yes, we all know)

Oh, no. . ." (quit your whining, dude and face the music)

—The Stones, "Last Time"


  1. Anonymous11:54 AM

    We had fun watching the side of BBB tyat we had never seen before!! (:

  2. Anonymous8:56 AM

    Sore? And you didn't even gator.


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