Sunday, February 04, 2024

Own A Piece of Arizona History!

 February 4, 2024

   Some of you, perhaps, are suffering from whiplash. Is there going to be a BBB art yard sale? Is it actually in my garage and not the yard? Did I miss the BBB Art garage-yard-sale? How do I prove I love Western history so I can get invited to the private sale? Is there going to be a public sale at a certain BBQ joint? And, more importantly, why do the prices keep going down?

   First off, no, you have not missed the BBB Art garage-yard sale. I am still figuring out how to implement it so that a.) my neighbors don't hate me, and, b.) meth heads don't find out where I live. Yes, we are going to do an open to the public sale at the Crying Coyote BBQ Grill, on a Thursday, in the afternoon in the next two weeks. And, yes, send me why you love Western history. Here is an example of what NOT to say:

"Hi handsome. I tried to friend you but you need to accept my friend request so I can get into your bank account and get all your pin numbers."

—Coleen Jade

The Current Going Price of A BBB Masterpiece

   Some clarification on the pricing of all these BBB treasures in the garage. 

Unframed DWOs (Daily Whip Outs) are going to be $47.50. Call it the Garole Gompton price effect. Here is a good example:

Daily Whip Out: "The Doc Cup Scene"


Full Disclosure: I did a painting of this scene for my Doc Holliday book almost 30 years ago, then I printed it out multiple times on art paper and painted on top of each one to try out different effects. Bottom line being there are multiple versions of this, all at the same price.

• Unframed Masterpieces are $250. Here is a good example:

"Honkytonk Sue & The Handsome Stranger"

(the original has already been purchased by

Randie Lee O'Neal) 

• Framed Masterpieces are priced by the whims of the artist. 

Geronimo Cover Painting, framed


"Saint Billy"

($12,000 sold to Craig Fouts)

  Make sense? Put another way by my significant other:

"Please help BBB get all this crap out of the garage!"

—Kathy Sue Radina

   Or, put another way: in the end it's all a joke, so why not go along with the joke?

   And, I totally agree with Marcus.

"Love the hand that fate deals you and play it as your own."

—Marcus Aurelius

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  1. Farron Kempton1:00 PM

    BBB, I would love one of your daily whipouts on Doc Holliday. I own your book on him and have followed you for years. I was born and raised in Arizona and have studied Tombstone for over 40 years. I spent many days there portraying Luke Short.


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