Monday, February 26, 2024

Triple B Bin Shoppers Win Bigly

 February 26, 2024

   Here's a recap of Saturday's blow out BBB Bigly event.

Triple B Bin Shoppers

   We sold over 100 Triple B Daily Whip Outs on Saturday at the Cryin' Coyote Barbecue Cafe and I am happy to report there are only 7,283 left. That is a guesstimate as I have no idea how many are left. But if you throw in the previous home sales out of my actual garage, the sold number is closer to 150.

   This morning I grabbed a whole bunch of the weakest DWOs and filled a big garbage bin, but I pulled out about about fifty that I thought I might save. Here are a couple of them.

Daily Scratchboard Reworked Whip Out:
"One Hopi Knew The Storm Was Coming"

Daily Reworked Whip Out:
"El Pendejo Lands In Opodepe"

Daily Scratchboard Reworked Whip Out:

"One Major Diesel Dyke"

New Meaning for A One Night Stand

   Notice how I am the only one standing in this live action shot of the Razz Band's Last Stand.

"I try, I try, and I try, I Can't Get No Relaxation"

   Yes, that's Bob White on drum (I only brought my custom made snare gifted to me by Larry Archer) and we are in the middle of "Gloria," the waning dittie that defies gravity, much like my knees.

Every Picture Tells A Story (Don't it?)

   I promised every buyer I would tell them the back story to the image they bought. Here are a couple examples.

Buyers #9

      I did a series of portraits for my "Illustrated Life & Times of Geronimo" (2018) and this is one of them that I ended up not using, but in retrospect, it has a certain charm (dig those flaming horns on his head), than the one I used did not have. This is what happens when you try too hard to be historically correct. This painting, above, more accurately portrays my true feelings about the G-Man. He was much more brutal and cold-blooded than the "Freedom Fighter" image he has today.

Bavispe River and Old Coot

   Man, these two have great taste in art! The first scene is from a sequence in the Mickey Free story where the Apache Kid sneaks up on an encampment where Tom Horn, James Young and Mickey Free have stopped for the night. And the second painting, "Old Coot" is a character study from my story of "El Pendejo" the mysterious and mischievous pendejo from high in the Sierra Madre.

   More buyers and more stories tomorrow.

"Buyer beware!"

—Old Retail Saying

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