Monday, February 05, 2024

Good Morning You Zany Zonies! Geronimo & Alchesay, Tom Mix And His Cord

 February 5, 2024

   Here's something I haven't said in a while:

Good morning, you zany Zonies!

This is a shot from the front yard this morning with Kathy Sue's flag flying high and an Arizona sunrise in full bloom.

Gee, I wonder where they got the inspiration for that flag design?

Meanwhile, in the Triple B Studio Art Sale, Craig Schepp grabbed two of my favorites from the Geronimo book.

The G-Man cover painting
 & Alchesay Cuts The Sky

Perfect Bookends to the Apache Wars

  Craig has great taste in art.

Trying to capture Tom Mix & His Cord in color.

Daily Whip Out: "Tom Mix & Cord Colorized"

  Missed the hat. A little wonky, but I'l refine in the morning.

"Show me a great actor and I'll show you a lousy husband. Show me a great actress and you've seen the devil."

—W.C. Fields

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