Friday, June 14, 2024

Goin' Through My Old Photos: Jim's Ful-Serve And Charlie Sheen at The Wagon Wheel

June 14, 2024

   I got assigned this article to write about Cave Creek when we first got here. I'm supposed to write about the politics, but what I am really interested in is the local bars and eateries. The first time I set eyes on this crazy place was in 1970.

Here's An Early Shot of My Hometown

Cave Creek Rodeo Parade, 1970, dirt road!

(Yes, that Jim's Ful-Serve, middle background)

 And, here's Jim's Ful-Serve in 1986.

Jim's Ful-Serve on Cave Creek Road

   And, here's Jim himself. . .

   Today it's a cafe called Big Earl's.

   And, speaking of old time Cave Creek cafes. . .

Charlie Sheen and Rip Torn pretend to have breakfast at the Wagon Wheel Cafe,

"Beyond The Law," 1993

   And, here is Harold himself, of Harold's Cave Creek Corral fame in his office, also, circa 1986.

Harold The Tiger Master

   And, one of my favorite hangouts was The Mineshaft, because it still had a little Wild West going on.

   I used to stop in often just to snap photo reference for Honkytonk Sue and The Doper Roper, and I was never disappointed, from the trucks outside to the good old boys having lunch inside.

"What the hell happened to the work ethic
in this country?"

   That's what they are sayin' and you know it. And here's a Mineshaft cowboy who ended up in one of my comic strips.

Ol' DR gets fresh

"The epidemic failure in history appreciation is that we keep repeating the same damn facts and dates. The real way to get young people into history is to tell better stories."

—Grantham P. Hooker, aka The Doper Roper

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  1. Daffys Trike6:25 AM

    Cool pictures, dirt road in '70? Wow! A little nugget of info, the Charlie Sheen movie was originally named Fixing the Shadow. BTW, worked on your landscaping once with John...


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