Tuesday, June 11, 2024

The Resurrection & Reopening of The Historic Ellis Store And The Return of Mickey Free's Big, Bad Jack

 June 11, 2024

   Here's the final poster for the Resurrection & Reopening of The Historic Ellis Store Art Show and party on July 13, 2024. 

   If you love the Kid as much as my Kid compadres, Thom Ross, Buckeye Blake and Paul Andrew Hutton, you should be there for the fun. Yes, it's going to be an art show but it is mainly going to be a celebration of Amy Gauthier's tireless efforts to save a historic site.

   Meanwhile, here's a cat we haven't heard from in a while:

Daily Scratchboard Whip Out Revisited:

"Mickey Free On His Big, Bad Jack"

   He rode a mammoth Jack and in that peculiar country south of Bacanora, Sonora, where they remember that one-eyed captivo and his crazy Jack, to this day.

Daily Whip Out Flashback: "Campfire Liars"

"Towards evening, when the sun  went down with the flare of a blast furnace, patrols of cavalry rode sharply across the skyline to the night outposts. And after dark, mysterious fires burned in the town."

—John Reed, "Insurgent Mexico" 1914

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  1. Our history inspired by words and vision. You and your work are deeply appreciated, more than can be stated here.


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