Wednesday, October 01, 2003

October 1, 2003
A new salesperson starting today. Crystal Connelley is her name. Mike is quite impressed with her and we all have high hopes. Mike also admitted that Sue is turning out to be a very strong salesperson. This makes me happy.

Trish and Jason are really overhauling and adding to the website. Check out our latest poll on the new TV series Peacemakers, starring Tom Berenger. Have you seen it (I haven’t and need to check it out). It is a hit for the USA Cable channel and we are curious what you think. Go vote, please.

The magazine and website continue to grow at a healthy rate. Our ad revenues in the mag are up 38% this year and the website is poised to break our monthly record for subs and sales. The Native American set sales continue to roll (over 80 sold) and the back issues are doing quite well (one order last week was for $650 for three sets of back issues).

Got contacted by the Arizona Republic to contribute to their blog. Filled out a questionaire and they posted my mug as a contributor (Jana is already posting quite a bit). Not sure when I’ll have time to do both (this and another blog).

Designed the contents page for the Classic Gunfights book with Abby. Quite groovy.

Mike Torres called me and wanted to hand deliver his mixed-song for the TV show to me in person. Met him at the Territorial Bar & Grill parking lot. Listened to both versions. It just knocked me out. Had him follow me back to the office so I could play it for the staff. We huddled in Carole’s office and listened. Everyone clapped afterwards. I asked for something that is somewhere between the Ventures and Led Zeppelin and he served it up. Afterwards we retired to my office and he said he is so excited about the tune he may play it at his next gig. He asked me if I had any ideas on what to call the tune, and I picked up one of the classic gunfight printouts that was on my desk and held it up. “Do you think this is the title?” He smiled. “That’s it. That’s it!” he said shaking his head and laughing. I’ll tell you the title of the tune tomorrow and run a photo of the band Central Heating circa 1969.

”Creative minds have always been known to survive any kind of bad training.”
—Anna Freud

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