Thursday, October 02, 2003

October 2, 2003
Went for a walk with Kathy and the dogs about 6:20 this morning. Just a slight Arizona nip in the air (high 70s). As we trudged up Ratcliff Ridge, sweating, I said, “Today is the first day that feels like September.” Kathy agreed but pointed out that it is October. That is the essence of the Arizona I love—everything is just a tad hotter, and hotter later, than most people like it, and that suits me fine.

The name of the song Mike Torres wrote and produced is going to be called “Cat House Melee,” which is also the title of one of the Classic Gunfights in the new book. It just happened to be lying on my desk when Mike came in and, viola, there it was. By the way, here’s a 1969 photo of Central Heating, the band Mike and I formed in Tucson. Left to right: Cliff Feldman (he thought up the name for the band), Jack Townsend, Mike Torres and some guy in white shoes (car salesman?). Mike Melrose took one look at this photo and said, “In Cold Blood.” (The Truman Capote book about the ex-cons who wiped out a Kansas farm family).

"I would never die for my beliefs because I might be wrong."
—Bertrand Russell

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