Tuesday, October 21, 2003

October 21, 2003
Tons of coyotes yelping and yipping as I write this (5:13 AM). Dogs barking at the darkness. Me, I’m writing in the darkness (lights still out in studio).

One door closes, another opens. The History Channel has passed on the Classic Gunfights TV series idea. Got the E-mail yesterday afternoon from the director of programming. In the same batch of messages came the news that the other channel we have pitched, is still a go. The idea is too good. We will find a home for this.

Finally got our office copies of the December Western movies issue yesterday (three days late). It is a thick little puppy and has some great stuff in it. A couple spreads are disappointing (we had a doubletruck of 50 covers, one for each year and the color is way flat). Subscribers will start getting their issues this week. We’ve already gotten six advance orders for the Classic Gunfights book (mainly from the pop up that appears on this page).

The issue also has the long-awaited “True West Comes Clean” piece in which we admit several of our goofs, gaffs & cons over the years., Of course, the critics (mostly internet rats) who have been demanding this will no doubt find something else wrong—we didn’t go far enough, we didn’t lop off one of our fingers, something. You can’t please these people. They just love to snipe and complain. The big criticism now is that we’re too commercial (i.e. too successful). I would love to say I’m crying all the way to the bank, but I don’t go to the bank. Carole does, and she cries in her office.

Not really.

Got a new poll question. I’m curious, how many of you believe Brushy Bill was actually Billy the Kid. You can click right here and vote.

Worked all afternoon yesterday on a Women of the West logo for Jana’s new department. Trying to get a trio of females, a little Asian, a bit Hispanic, some Native American and mucho Cowgirl in a nice, tight composition. Want to nail this today.

”Years from now, when you talk about this, and you will, be kind.”
—Old Vaquero Saying

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