Monday, October 06, 2003

October 6, 2003
Another strong day painting yesterday. Whipped out a Frank James jumping the counter at the First National Bank of Northfield. Under his arm is the clock on the wall, behind him, which reads 1:50. Legend says, the clock stopped during the robbery and has never been reset. I took the image off of my DV camera, stop-actioned to the exact scene I wanted, printed it out, and moved the clock slightly so we can read it. Also kept the face in a blur, since the identity of that robber is key to the story. Who did shoot Heywood? I think I know.

All of this Northfield art has rekindled my interest in doing a Cole Younger graphic novel. I have a cool title, and a unique angle on the story that I think no one has ever done before. My angle is called the truth. No, just kidding. I’m talking about the story structure. Everyone always follows Jesse and Frank after the botched robbery and the Cole part of the story is even more fantastic and has never been told before, except by Jack Koblas. In fact he is my inspiration. His research is nothing short of amazing.

One week to go before the deadline and of course I’m finally in the water and could do a hundred paintings. This is my MO. Pathetic really. I’m thinking of buying a headstone for myself with this inscription: “Hey, I even put this off until the last possible moment.”

The women in my life can’t quite understand why I’m so obsessed with outlaws and killers. They don’t get it, and I’m not sure I do myself (I’m not even a shooter and the guns I own are for art reference). Maybe the Woodman has something to say about this:

“Why does man kill?  He kills for food. And not only food: frequently there must be a beverage.”
—Woody Allen

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