Monday, October 27, 2003

October 27, 2003
Worked most of yesterday on a possible cover, gunfighter image of Tommy Lee Jones. Used an image from his new movie The Missing, and married it to Hopalong Cassidy. Literally. Not sure I got Tommy down. Mike M. thought it was Johnny Cash. Ha. Abby didn’t know who Tommy Lee was until Gus reminded her that he was in Men In Black. Kids today.

Went for two walks yesterday with the dogs. I was a little concerned about going to the cave because of our javelina adventure last week, but we went over and back without incident. Unfortunately, an evening walk was spoiled when Buddy Boze Bell fled in the middle of a dog treat training session and ran off and attacked two horses in a corral. Once they got going, Peaches thought she had to join in because it’s, well, it’s the dog thing to do. The owners came out of their house and I’m apologizing like crazy while demanding that Buddy and Peaches desist and heel. Of course they are paying about as much attention to me as Bill O’Reilly with a guest who wants to make a point. Finally drug the two miscreants out of the arena, down the hill and back to the house. Wanted to hang both of them by their ears off the studio roof, but resisted the urge and instead, watched a great Actor’s Studio with Clint Eastwood.

I really enjoyed Clint’s take on creating a good environment for creative people to work in. Want to emulate this for our office. Clint also explained some of the themes behind his movies like Unforgiven and Outlaw Josie Wales. Speaking of which, here is one of the best quotes I’ve uncovered in a good while (thanks Carole):

”Legend remains victorious in spite of history.”
—Sarah Bernhardt

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