Tuesday, October 14, 2003

October 14, 2003
Had a battery of tests done this morning at Scottsdale Health Care “campus.” Got there at 6:15 AM and didn’t get out until 11:30. Saw my organs on a computer screen glowing like the radioactive asteroids they were. Results tomorrow.

A trip like that to the hospital is such a wakeup call for me. Saw all kinds of people lying in those portable beds, lined up in the hall waiting for tests, tubes sticking out of their noses, vacant eyes, pale skin. It makes you want to be healthy, that’s for sure.

Yesterday finished off the last painting for the book. The Madelia Seven walking seven abreast through Hanska Slough. Got some great effects on the greenery, but blew it on the actual guys. Great reference, but ended up with just mud. Too late to fix it now. Really irritated with myself.

Came home for lunch today to finish a scratchboard of a James Gang saddle. Last image. Robert Ray is busy doing PDFs and the book goes out to publisher in the next 48 hours.

Went with Kathy last night to a Spanish class at Shelmita’s. About ten people there, and we drank Pacificos and learned pronouns. Hey, my kind of class! Got home at 9:30. Long day.

“The sad truth is that excellence makes people nervous.”
—Some sad guy

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