Friday, October 17, 2003

October 17, 2003
Finally delivered the guts of the book to Tri Star at 5:25 yesterday. We kept finding mistakes in spite of the fact that the entire document has been proofed at least 15 times: Little Big Horn battle was June 25, not the 26th; Oscar Sorbel rode seven miles not twelve, to warn the town of Madelia of the presence of the Northfield robbers (called Jack Kolbas on that one); the type font on page seven didn’t get changed; there were page numbers on the introduction (an aesthetic no no); there was no bold on one of the recommended headings. On and on, but finally Abby got the big ol’ thing burned on CDs and I delivered it down to 32nd St. and Bell Road where I met Fernando, the Tri Star driver. Felt good to hand off. Now to finish the cover, foil stamp and dust jacket. Due next Wednesday. Book will be out in mid-November. Collectively, it is the best thing I’ve ever worked on.

Yesterday, Gus and I also worked on a billboard for the new Elfego Baca Museum which will be built in Reserve, New Mexico. Henry Martinez wants to have an eight foot by eight foot sign erected at the main intersection of town trumpeting the countdown for a memorial and museum. Gus did a good job of making it look historical and groovy. It looks so good we may run it in the next issue.

Heard from the History Channel yesterday. They are sending us some inside pics of a big documentary they are premiering in December on the making of The Alamo movie, which premieres on Christmas Day.

The engine light on my truck is on, so I took it down to Tobias to have checked. They kept it overnight. Need a part for the gas line.

Kathy picked me up at five and we drove down to El Conquistador for dinner. Had the special, sopa de carne a jugo and a Pacifico. Kath had a bean burro enchilada style ($28 cash, includes tip). Then went to Spanish class at PVCC. Learned pronouns and past tense. Got home at 9:30. Long day.

Got a great quote for the back of the book from Allen Barra. It will surely rile some of my critics.

“Bob Boze Bell writes with both modern wit and an old-fashioned reverence for the West ... He is one of the few writers in this field whose credibility is unquestioned.”
—Allen Barra

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