Thursday, October 14, 2004

October 14, 2004
One last political musing: it's amazing to me that all of us can watch the same event and come away with so many different conclusions. I got up this morning and read all of the reactions to last night's debate ( The Arizona Republic did a special 12 page section devoted to the reactions of almost everyone in the state) and not one columnist, pundit or swing voter mentioned the "marrying up" line as being decisive. It just goes to show you we boil off all the substance and take the small gristle we were looking for and then proclaim it as the big meat. Ha. Some joke, eh?

Well, I wanted to finish our new CGII book by the end of this month, but the chances of that are looking quite slim. And, to boot, we find ourselves doing two books at once, 192 pages for one, and 128 for the other, both with similar deadlines. What we thought was going to be a handoff to the New York publishing house, is ending up to be our responsibility (they are doing the cover, we are doing everything else) which is exactly what I didn't want.

On top of that, we had lunch yesterday with Jim and Mary Brown of the Festival of the West and it looks like we are going to help them out with next year's program, designing and laying it out. That's another project on top of the two books. RG is concerned about spreading our staff too thin and rightfully so.

Kathy and I are taking off this morning for Vegas and the Western History Association conference at the Riviera Hotel. I plan on stopping in Kingman and visiting my father's grave and telling him how much I miss him.

I was telling Linda Smith (an old Kingman neighbor) yesterday that the last time I was there, our old house on Ashfork Avenue still has the “B” on the screen door that my father put up almost 50 years ago. I’m planning on going by and take a picture of that. What are the odds? Well, probably about the same as Kerry winning the election for the “marrying up line”.

“It matters not whether you win or lose; what matters is whether I win or lose.”
—Darrin Weinberg?

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