Monday, October 25, 2004

October 25, 2004
I got an Email from a fan of my Billy the Kid book (Tri Star, $29.95, makes a great gift) and here is what she said:

"On page 88, there is a photo of Billy standing next to a chair with a hat, coat, tie, and blue jeans. My female relatives and myself were wondering: what do you think that long bulge is in his pocket? I know what I think it looks like. Others in my family are debating me. I know Billy was rumored to be a ladies man and I think I know one of the reasons why after viewing that photo."

Here's what I wrote her back:
After reviewing the photo on page 88 of The Illustrated Life & Times of Billy the Kid I have three reactions:

1. Hmmmm, never noticed that before.
2. Interesting. What is that?
3. Girl! Get your mind out of the gutter!

I'm not sure the photo is in fact of Billy, but if it is, I wouldn't be surprised if your laser vision turns out to be correct. Let's face it, the Boy had something! Especially to get women's attention 128 years after departing the planet.

End of response.

Here's a sobering statistic: approximately 800,000 viewers watched the Dalton Raid on the History Channel last week. And 20 million viewers watched Desperate Housewives. You tell me what sells.

Maybe a show called Desperate Historians.

Funny encounter: I ran into a film producer in front of the Oriental Saloon last Saturday night and he said, "I want to talk to you later about an idea for a tv show my partners and I are putting together. We are going to pitch a show called ‘Greatest Gunfights’ and we want to use your artwork.” I was standing on the corner with a film crew shooting scenes for a proposed History Channel pilot called, "Classic Gunfights." I said, "We’ll talk later."

And speaking of hilarious road trips, we’ve got a big one planned back to Tombstone to see all the behind-the-scenes stuff. Check out the details right here on the site.

"Cynicism is an unpleasant way of telling the truth."
—Lillian Hellman

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