Friday, October 29, 2004

October 29, 2004
Got two new books in yesterday. One is the revamped, local bestseller, The Kohl’s Ranch Story by the Kohl Granddaughters (Bettie Kohl dropped off a paperback and a Special Limited Edition with a personal note that the new copies will “give Buddy Boze Bell something new to chew on” besides my hat collection. Funny.

And the other book is the brand new Revenge! tome put out by my friend Mark Boardman (as seen in the latest issue of True West). I asked Mark where you can check it out and he said:

"I'm very proud of the book. People who are interested in REVENGE! can find it at my website, There's an order form, plus one can pay and order immediately using PayPal."

Today is the official Halloween office costume party and I forgot about it until I was ready to go out the door. Kathy ran into Tommy's room and pulled out a bunch of his old Army-survivalists gear and with a smear of black shoe polish under the eyes, Viola! I'm either a Kingman-style survivalist, or John Kerry on a two-week Vietnam vacation in the Mekong Delta (RG seemed to like the latter, but the youngsters don't get it).

Our production manager, Robert Ray came dressed as Captain Hook (quite fitting), Abby Pearson came as a tripped-out hippie (looking mighty groovy to an old man who actually thinks it looks Gear, Man), Meghan came as Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Samantha came as a trash bag, RG came as a Kerry Voter, or was that Willie Nelson without a guitar? Or a biker without a bike? Take your pick.

Sue Lambert came as a sales person well below quota. No, wait, she just told me she is a homeless person! You can see how I might be confused. Julie Rose came as the wicked witch of the (True) West. Brittany came as a rodeo clown and Crystal came as a tacky tourist with a wobbly, big fat bottom (very clever). And Minnesota Mike came as his traditional Old Man rocker, kind of a Jack Crabb meets Charlie Watts of the Rolling Stones.

The only people with any dignity left—that would be Carole and Gus—had the task of taking all the photos.

Brittany just won $500 from the Tim & Willie KNIX radio show (10 A.M.). I took a couple of photos of her duded out in her rodeo clown outfit, jumping up and down with the phone. Brought back many memories of being on the other end of the phone, doing contests at KSLX.

Most of the staff went to lunch at the Satisfied Frog and while there whooping it up, they spotted a True West Maniac shirt and started applauding the guy. He turned out to be a tourist from California and he was quite stunned to see the True West staff looking so ghoulish and "out there." He and his wife later came in the store and bought a bunch of books and stuff.

"The most romantic thing any woman ever said to me in bed was, 'Are you sure you’re not a cop?'"
—Larry Brown

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