Wednesday, October 27, 2004

October 27, 2004
I got an Email from an old friend, John Riskus, who created Boots niteclub in the Valley back in the early eighties (Dan Harshberger and I did his logo, menu, etc.). He's still pouring concrete all over the east coast.

Speaking of the Harsh Man, he forwarded me a funny list of The Top Compromise Date Movies. You know, ideal chick flicks that even we can come along and not hate. There were a ton, but these are my faves:

• Steel Cage Magnolias
• The Spy Who Loved to Talk About His Feelings
• When Dirty Harry Shot Sally
• Die Hard With a Fragrance
• Last Tango In Paris Hilton's Apartment
• Divine Secrets of the Full Metal Jacket
• Alien Vs. Pretty Woman
• An Affair to Remember, You Can Bet Your Ass on That
• Dirty Dozen Dancing
• Dude, Where's My English Patient?
• Four Weddings and a Chase Scene
• Terms of Endowment
• Titanic Booty Call
• My Big Fat Greek Uzi
• The English Patient and the Swedish Nurses
• The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Extreme Makeover
• When a Man Loves Collateral Damage

Whipped out 11 small heads for our new humor pages. Got a couple good Charlie Russells, a skeleton Vaquero—or two, three Civil War dudes and an indigenous person in a pear tree.

"There is more to Rubens than just fat women."
—Vera Verschooren

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