Monday, October 04, 2004

October 4, 2004
When we were in Santa Fe last Saturday night I tried to find a little weird cafe/bar Kathy and I found in 1993. It was the day after Thanksgiving and we came over to visit the set of Kevin Costner’s Wyatt Earp which he was filming outside of town. After spending all day freezing on the set at Cook's Ranch we were roaming around the plaza and discovered this little, crooked Spanish doorway, the kind you have to step over—a door in the middle of a wall. The passageway opened into a large courtyard and we heard music coming from the far corner. We went inside another hallway and came out into a dim bar and cafe, like something out of Cabaret, only with vegas and adobe. We ordered a drink and our waitress waltzed away (literally), stopped at the piano and started singing a show tune. Now normally I hate show tunes, but this was zany to the max and one by one, all of the other waiters and waitresses took their turn, singing up a storm. It was so eclectic and weird I couldn't imagine it was still in business 11 years later, but there it was, La Cafe Sena, still going strong, just east of the Palace of the Governors.

The place was packed but we talked the head waiter into giving us a temporary table, that had a reservation, but they hadn’t arrived yet. Kathy, Carole and I sat down, ordered the goat cheese-cheese cake, and Mexican coffee (tequila and coffee) and waited for the songs to begin. Soon all of the waiters and waitresses got up and did a number from the Broadway play Rent. it was very cool ($26 cash). Very cool. I love little out of the way places like that.

Speaking of which Deena gave me an update about our friend Ursula who is in the Red Zone in Iraq. It is so dangerous now she has been confined to her room for over a week and can't even go outside and barely downstairs to get food. You can read her comments about the insanity of being there at:
Go down the left control bar to the bottom where it says “archives,” click on that, then type in the name Ursula Redendo. It is hairy reading, especially for a parent. Very scary stuff. She carries a machine gun with her at all times.

We have a new poll up. Have you ever fired a black powder gun? Check it out.

"Habit creates the appearance of justice; progress has no greater enemy than habit."
—Jose Marti y Pereza

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