Tuesday, October 05, 2004

October 5, 2004
I almost lost a good friend of mine over the weekend. Mad Coyote Joe came close to dying from complications on his gastric bypass. He had not one, but two heart attacks, while on the operating table. He is in critical condition and is still awaiting a couple of operations. Carole said he called me at the office this afternoon while I was at a speech, so I'm encouraged that he might be pulling through. I'll keep you posted on his recovery.

Here's some hot news for all you Earpies. Sir John Martin down Tombstone way, is going to turn back the clock for one night, October 23rd, and return the location of the Oriental Saloon (which is now a clothing store) back into a saloon. To attend you need to dress period style, and John tells me there is already a waiting list. We are going down to film and record the event, although Martin is not allowing any cameras during the actual event: strictly period everything. Gambling tables and an authentic bar await the patrons on this Saturday night, three days before the anniversary of a certain gunfight, a few streets west.

This is too rich of an opportunity and Mike Pelligati and I are going down to film and I’ll shoot reference photos. I was supposed to go to Parent's Day at NAU that weekend, but I have to be at this event, both for the new book, CGII, and for a proposed cable show we are shooting a pilot for.

Whipped out a scratchboard of Wyatt Earp with a shotgun for our newest postcard. Stole the image from a Kevin Costner as Wyatt photo. Nice highlights and shadow. Fixed his hat and leaned on Earp's visage. I think it's pretty strong. Abby will design the card. Anxious to see what she comes up with

Left the office at three and drove out to Cactus High School for a college extension class taught by Coach Riff. As we were walking down the halls I saw an election poster that said, “Vote for Pedro” with the Pedro crossed out and Sarah hand written in. As Tomcat said on the phone tonight, "She should win on that alone."

Speech went well, mostly women teachers trying to find community resources for "interesting history." Each one got a free True West.

On the way home, in rush hour traffic, I heard Tom Petty on the radio and he made me smile, with the line, "All the good girls are at home with broken hearts." It's from his song "Free Falling" and some songs just make you happy and, for me, that's one of them.

"Anyone who says he can see through women is missing a lot."
—Groucho Marxh

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